IUI is an acronym which stands for intra-uterine insemination. This procedure is usually indicated where the woman has open fallopian tubes, she is able to ovulate good quality eggs and the man's sperm parameters are within normal limits. 

Sometimes, the reason the woman fails to get pregnant is either she has developed antibodies to the man's sperm, in which case the antibodies attack and destroy the man's sperm a few minutes after he releases his sperm cells inside the woman, or there are abnormal cervical canal such as cervical polyps, cervical stenosis etc. In any of these cases, IUI will be able to help her get pregnant. Provided as stated above, she can ovulate good eggs, the man's sperm parameters are normal and her fallopian tubes are open and has normal functions.

The process of IUI can be done using the woman's natural cycle (when she is in her ovulation period or, it can be done using a stimulated cycle. In the case of the stimulated cycle, the woman is given hormonal injections starting from day 2 of her menstrual cycle. the injection is continued and the size of the growing follicles (eggs) are monitored using Ultra sound machine. When the egg is deemed to be matured enough, as measured by ultra sound scan, the woman is given another gonadotrophin injection to cause final maturation of the eggs and to trigger ovulation. 

The man produces his sperm in a container and the sperm is washed several times using separation methods to separate the sperm from the cellular debris, the living active sperm from the dead sperm cells. The very active sperm cells are introduced into the womb of the woman using special instruments. she is asked to stay in bed for a few hours before she can stand up and leave.

She is usually asked to come back to the hospital after two weeks for pregnancy test.

Care fertility Hospital has one of the best successful pregnancy rates from IUI. Many of our clients have twins resulting from IUI done at Care Fertility Hospital


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