ICSI Stands for Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. It is one of the assisted reproduction technologies and is indicated in situations whereby the man has very poor sperm quality. The problem with the sperm can be insufficient count (low sperm count), Poor sperm motility or abnormal morphologycal appearance (abnormal shapes). 

The steps involved in ICSI are as follows:

  • Stimulation of the woman with gonadotropine drugs to enable her produce numerous eggs, 
  • The collection of the eggs and preparation
  • The collection of the sperm and washing using special chemicals to select the most active and most good looking sperm.
  • injection of the sperm into the egg using a specialised and sophisticated machine called micromanipulator.
  • culturing of the formed embryos for some days, depending on wether the lab want blastocysts or cleavage stage embryos.
  • The transfer of the embryos or blastocysts into the woman
  • Hormonal support of the embryos until the placenta is adequately formed in the woman.

ICSI is usually more expensive than IVF because it offers higher rates of fertilization and possible better embryo quality.

At Fertility Hospitals, our clinical embryologists are among the best in performing of ICSI procedures in the world.

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