Many couples are not aware that technology can help them choose the sex of their baby. this is not playing God, it is being able to recognize and utilize the privilege that God has given us.....the ability to decide the gender of our unborn child. Just like many other things in life, many people accept whatever comes to them by default, not being aware of the fact that they have the power to ask whatever it is they want and receive it. 

If you do not like whatever you are getting, change your thinking and you will get a different result.

At Care Fertility Hospital, we have consistently helped couples to have preferred gender of their babies. The only reason some couples go ahead to have four or five girls without boys is because the man's semen contains predominantly sperm cells with XX chromosomes. If a couple is having only boys, it is because the man's semen contains sperm cells with predominantly XY Chromosomes.

Care fertility Hospital has developed a unique method of making a man's semen to have either large numbers (75%) of Y chromosomes in which case he will father boys or to have large numbers of X chromosomes and father girls.

We have done this for many families in the last 7 years, and we are happy to say that we have achieved 100% in helping couples to predetermine the sex of their babies.
We guarantee that if you want a boy, you will not have a girl, and if you want a girl, you will not have a boy. that is our promise to you and we have kept this promise for the past 7 years. Come and see us at care fertility hospital and you will see that actually, all things are possible.

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